July 13, 2011 § 8 Comments

“every flower must grow through dirt.”  ~ anonymous

I’m a patient person. I’ve even been accused of being too patient. Usually in good ways though, like being a patient listener, or patience with someone trying something new, or struggling to understand something.

But we all have our Achilles heels, and one of mine is “waiting”.  Not necessarily waiting for the light to turn (okay, well sometimes…) or the pot to boil, but things like waiting in long lines ~ drives me up a wall ~ or waiting for people to follow through on a task, or being kept waiting for a scheduled meeting or call. I suppose it all has to with how we value our time.

So lately (among other things) I’ve been waiting for my newest book shipment to arrive from overseas… I’m feeling impatient! Impatient to get all the parts in place, get the wheel cogs turning and keep the ball rolling.

Then I remind myself… “all things in their right time”. (Maybe I should go back and read my “P” post on Patience). But still, it happens. We’re human. We aren’t perfect. And I am not patient every minute of every day. There, a confession.

It also reminds me that “every flower must grow through dirt.”  Just like the one in the painting above, before it made its way to my canvas.

Some things are worth the wait, and worth some time spent in the dirt first. Sometimes, “waiting” is what’s needed… even if we don’t think so at the time.


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