Saxton Studio is my graphic design, art and writing business, and this is my blog, where I wax poetic about art & design, writing, inspiration and creativity. Toss in some life & the universe and you’ve got it covered.

But how did I get here? Here’s a little background on my artistic path:

Some things are in-born. How, when and even if we use what gifts we’re born with can be a mixture of circumstances, decisions, grit and passion. In my case, it started somewhere around the age of 3, having picked up a pencil and never quite putting it back down. That was the first clue.

I suppose we all have experiences which, when looking back, seem to have had a strong hand in shaping our fate. One of those for me was an early year spent living in Europe. My young eyes devoured castles and white-robed alps, tulip fields and wooden shoes, cobbled streets, weathered, old signs, and miles of purple vineyards. It was a visual feast. All the while, my mother told me “remember this – so I did. And so, unbeknownst to me, the work of feeding my artistic spirit had begun in earnest.

A year later, in first grade, my first memorable “artistic moment” swept in when swarmed by classmates asking me to draw pictures for them. Most requested, next to a clown, was a drawing I did of a girl’s face whose main attraction seemed to be her swirly-whirly hair-do. This was very neat stuff. Later, at the ripe old age of 9, I entered a national poster contest and won! I remember my surprise, and felt very proud of my achievement.

As the years went by, my love for writing stories, for drawing and for painting was a constant. As a result, I had lots of practice, won a few more art awards and excelled in English classes – but despite what now seem like pretty clear signs throughout my life, I wasn’t at all sure at the time just how these different elements would be put to use.

What I did know was that the arts were part of the fabric of my being. Much like my mother, who’d been a gorgeous poet, the moods, tones and textures of nature, and things that uplifted the spirit, would always play a leading role in my world of expression – and what little engineering genes I got from my father made me pay attention to details and nurture an ability to create sense from chaos.

Over time I’ve been putting the different pieces together. Shortly after college I stumbled into graphic design (a great blending of creativity and problem-solving). I worked for a big corporation before launching what would become my own 25+ years run as a graphic design, illustration and writing business. For an even longer time I’ve exhibited and sold paintings, and at some point I came around to combining the words and pictures into real live books.

And woven through all of it is a desire to create something of beauty, to distill the complicated into the simple, and to nourish both mind and soul. Ever evolving, I can’t wait to see what comes next – because in some ways, I feel I’ve only just begun!


Artist/author Patricia Saxton forms the core of Saxton Studio, a graphic design, illustration, writing and art studio providing some pretty outstanding creative solutions on a wide array of promotional efforts for Fortune 500 firms, ad agencies, medium/small business and individual entrepreneurs.

Saxton is also an award-winning fine artist and creator of the popular children’s books Book of DragonsA Book of Fairies, and The Book of Mermaids, and the inspirational design series-turned-postcard-book, 52 Weeks of Peace.

Saxton is a Wittenberg University graduate, with a BA English and History.


Send an email to art@saxtonstudio.com, or call 908-273-0050, if you’re interested in Saxton’s magic touch on any of the following services:

• Brand Identity, including:
– Logo Design and Style Guides
– Website Design, Development & Social Media Integration
• Book Cover Design
• Copywriting and Editing
• Illustration
• Private tutoring in Adobe Creative Suite
• Private tutoring in drawing, painting, and writing

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