Going Thoreau

April 2, 2016 § 3 Comments

Pond. Woods. Cabin. Pen. Paper. Laptop. Me, and piles of unfinished writings. (Right. Thoreau didn’t have a laptop, much less electricity. So let’s call it a modern-day female Thoreau of sorts.) Wind whipping through red-budded trees, ducks squawking, late afternoon sun bouncing off royal blue water, star-studded nights and a deer (or three or four) to greet you at your door. Some fresh space for the muses.

Of course I wasn’t really alone. Aside from the ducks and deer (and, apparently, bears), there were plenty of other characters for company – a couple of boys and girls, some angels, and monsters, a flying horse here and there. There were real-live actual people too, nearby but not too near, and no one making a ruckus. No cars zipping by, no leaf-blowers or tv’s blaring. Laundry could wait, dishes were few, regular life paused. Except I did miss our cats sitting on my work. (I think?)

So, that was my five-day gift to myself – a mini back-to-nature answer to the incessant chatter of works undone while I’m otherwise busy designing things like branding and book covers for my wonderful clients. A cabin in the woods. A room with a view. Pen and paper. It was both enough and not enough. Is there ever enough time, though?

We do what we can when we can with what we have – then grab on and go.












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§ 3 Responses to Going Thoreau

  • revgerry says:

    Thanks for sharing your retreat Patricia…have fond memories of some like that.

    I have been noticing that I’m not getting much done lately as I immerse myself in and share other people’s beautiful work and wonder why – I’m at some sort of plateau…but loving the sense of connection with others. I live out in the Sonoran desert so every morning is quiet..and every afternoon…and every evening.. right now I’d enjoy a retreat with stimulation and inspiration to motivate me to my next expression.

    Hugz, Gerry #WUVIP

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  • simpler times are what we ache for and seek out…loved this so much!

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  • usmile2 says:

    Hello dear friend, LOVE.LOVE.LOVE this post. It is completely where I am this beautiful morning. Pure joy.Had to share what I just wrote, hope you enjoy these words. I so love your art and your words, so delighted I met you :)And so looking forward to the Dragon book 🙂 🙂 🙂 natures art I am in awe by the beauty of nature surrounding me bushes pruned offering buds seeking to grow to become flowers of brilliant color just because they can caring not to compete but just to be as they are meant to be

    reflecting this gift their beauty for all to see I see the gift of art defined by the soul of the artist offering the gift of their beauty within bound in the folds of their creation shared they open indeed I am in awe by the beauty of nature opening her gift becoming the beacon for me to see the gift of my art my beauty unique to me comparing not to others around me I open

    nature has opened herself to show to me how to be free to live to love to let go and allow my truth my being the artist that I am born of love to spread her wings to fly to become the me that waits unique and beautiful offering her gift that you would see the beautiful you within that waits to begin to blossom into the glorious you you are

    I am in awe of nature her truth my truth love shared as one this gift I am honored to receive I shall fly this glorious day following this beacon of light natures art consumes me joy flows through my soul may my art open you this day to say so too I shall fly into the me that waits no more –

    written NBS 4-2-2016

    Date: Sat, 2 Apr 2016 14:40:04 +0000 To: usmile2@hotmail.com

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