Flamingos on The Lawn  

June 22, 2014 § 2 Comments


We woke to a flock of flamingos; their bright pink elegance gracing our lawn. The fact that they’re plastic did nothing to dampen our spirits. In fact, they’re quite tidy and don’t make much noise, so all in all, make for pretty good companions.

They came to mark a passage. It’s graduation season and the Saxton household is having its turn. Bitter and sweet, hopeful and reminiscent, a time when as a parent you just have to figure you did the best you could as your child prepares to leave childhood behind, to stray from the nest and walk a new path. The page turns, a new chapter starts, adventure awaits.

And so, like the flamingo, you hope their legs carry them well. That they’ll let their true colors shine, and brighten any landscape they cross. That they’ll know when to graze, know when to fly. That they mingle with right people in right places at right times. Make friends. Be safe. Be wise. Stand strong. And discover their own brave, shiny wings for their dreams to soar.



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