Wonder, Awe, Magic and Mystery

January 22, 2014 § Leave a comment


It’s really something, how we’re all a part of this magnificent tapestry called life… Now and then I’m just in awe of the magic and mystery, life’s worlds within worlds, the great, the small, the simple, the intricate; all the colors, the tempos, all the shapes and designs, all the laughter and tears, the hunger and thirst, imagination and rhyme, fire and ice; from the highest cloud to the deepest sandy floor, the majestic falcon to the tiniest, bland moth, all the faces young and old, all the hearts that beat … all of it a wonder; a gift best woven, wrapped and tended with love, from right here, where each of us stand this very moment.

If not for love, I sometimes think, none of this might even exist. Inexplicable, maybe so, but in the grand scheme of things (and even the not so grand), if not for love, with love, what for?



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