How To Avoid The World’s Troubles and Other Annoying Things

September 12, 2013 § 5 Comments


“Gordon” / @Patricia Saxton / Book of Dragons

You could, of course, live under a rock. That sounds uncomfortable though; so, no, that wouldn’t do. But with the world teetering on the brink of lord knows what evil, with clever actors paid to persuade us that we have all manner of ill-health and need to take X drug, with things like the disturbing reality that artist Damien Hirst is a really Big Deal and triple bacon cheeseburgers considered a healthy meal, with baseball heroes letting us down and the Kardashians worthy of conversation, avoidance becomes more and more attractive.

It helps to have a meaty project to get lost in. Say, an illustrated book about dragons :  ), or creating the world’s best bread. (I’m reading a book in which the main character is a baker, and it sounds rather yummy, all that dough and kneading and freshly baked bread smell.) You could, of course, read, and then just keep reading ~ since books have a marvelous way of taking you places, away from the here and now. You could take up sky-diving or some other sport where there’s no room for thought beyond your own life flashing before your eyes. You could tend puppies or fill your social calendar with bunco matches (I’ve never played bunco – not sure if this is good or bad to admit). You could build something with your own two hands. You could sail around the world.

If you’re serious about avoiding the world’s troubles and other annoying things, whatever you do, do not turn on the tv. Avoid over-indulgence in social media. Stay away from negative people. Then, focus on the good stuff, no matter how small. Practice gratitude. Be kind. Because life is precious and too short to be fretting over things we can’t control. And just maybe it’ll all go away. Maybe it’s all just a ruse. Maybe whatever happens will simply happen with or without inserting our personal energy. It’s very hard, life. Why make it harder.

It’s not that I don’t care. I do care, maybe too much. It’s not about sticking my head in the sand. Trust me, I get riled. But I’ve realized it’s not my calling to fix the world. A friend, sure. Even a whole bunch of them ~ but the entire world is just too much. If only the world at large would stop all the fussing and fighting. If only.

And so, hours spent creating a dragon that will be part of a book that one day soon may be enjoyed by a fresh-faced, bright-eyed little person – maybe a whole lot of bright-eyed little people – seems a good use of my time. Not only that, you can’t think about annoying things when you’re making art. Works for me.


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§ 5 Responses to How To Avoid The World’s Troubles and Other Annoying Things

  • I am experiencing some of this right now because of my journalism classes. 😦 I try to look for the good in the world though.


  • Love it! Right where I’m at almost! My TV hasn’t worked for a while now and I’m not about to go out and by the replacement aerial cable to get it going again. My books are slowly taking shape in my head and I’m nutting out the feelings that I want to lead people through in a novel. Slowly, slowly… all in good time. When it speaks to me I write. When I feel the need to draw I draw (loving the new Samsung Note 2 with S-pen and S-note). Thank you for your words 🙂


  • chris norman says:

    A day of baking bread with a friend can only be surpassed by then breaking the bread with them…and adding the appropriate wine… All each of us can do is strive to make our little corner brighter. As usual, Patricia has provided a bright ray of sunlight to mine. Thank you!


  • Cheryl Sims says:

    Very good thoughts Pat! So very true. Thanks for putting your thoughts to paper


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