Claws, Scales and Spiky Spines

August 10, 2013 § 9 Comments


Did you know that shavings from a dragon’s claw can ward off headaches? And that the hard, shiny scales of desert dragons reflect the sun to keep the desert from burning up? And, how can you be absolutely, positively sure that all those gargoyles adorning the tops of old buildings are really made of stone?

It’s been a long time coming, with lots of starts and stops, (oh, and a little marvel of a book about peace in between…!), but my Book of Dragons is finally on the front burner, and the flames are hot.

It’s amazing what we learn when we walk through the “veil of reality” into a place most people think is strictly imaginary. I suppose it’s a little weird, but I’ve always believed that research pays off ~ so, if, for example, you happen to be making a book about dragons, it’s best to go to the source. Which I am, and am finding out lots of cool new things.

As an aside, a bit about process… Those starts and stops haven’t been for lack of interest, but for lack of dedicated time. The illustrations take many, many (many) hours to complete (this is after you’ve conjured them up, seeing as live dragon models are hard to come by), so are generally not something you can pick up on the fly, or finesse during the odd hour here or there. The writing, while much quicker, tends to evolve as you go ~ and then there are the edits, which can take longer than the writing.

There comes a point, though, when you just have to put your foot down, lay a few things aside (dust bunnies anyone?), say “no” to things that gobble up hours at a stretch, send your Wonder Woman cape to the dry cleaners and dig your claws in nice and deep. Before your publisher gives up on you, before all the kids waiting for the book have grown up, and last not but not least, so you can get to the stash of other stories and paintings and poems waiting in the wings. So if I’m a bit quiet here,ย that’s where I’ll be for a little while longer, immersed in the land of dragons.

(P.S. ย Dear Clients, you’ll still come first. Just don’t be surprised if some of your designs are singed a bit.)


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