Dog Days and A Little Prose

July 17, 2013 § 4 Comments


“Breaking Free” / colored pencil / © Patricia Saxton

So the dog days of summer are upon us. Heat waves. Air Conditioners. Katydids. And it turns out, a little streak of not feeling my best. It happens.

You just don’t get this far in life without some scars, lessons learned, boatloads of trials and tribulations, patterns that repeat, ups and downs, enlightenments and unwelcome doubts. I tend to work through them privately and quietly and come out the other side just fine ~ better, wiser, stronger ~ but just like you or you or you, when in the throes of question or angst, it’s no picnic.

It doesn’t much matter what the personal throes are about – for one, everybody has a story, and for two, this isn’t the place, it’s not that kind of blog. But on a more universal note, what does matter in just about every instance is how we handle it. How we react to, respond to, and “deal with” whatever we experience.

In my case, feeling out of balance is probably an understatement, but I’ll call it that for some context. And, having had about enough of that, I had the presence of mind to remember that when I meditate in the morning, things flow more smoothly, and I can also get some wonderful messages. As simplistic as that may sound, just that thought – set to action – can make a difference (as many of you already know). And I wanted to share with you part of what came from that meditation.

I share this with you because it might, just might, speak to you on some level in a positive way, and if so, the sharing is worthwhile. If not, no harm done. And it’s back to the dog days, feeling lighter. :  )

There is a myth,

A myth that life is hard

That you must struggle

That you must be dragged about

And twist and turn

And hurt and heal

And clamour out and rise above

With battle scars as medals.

But there is another way,

A better way ~

And you may wonder

How and why and when,

And what do those who’ve found this know

That you don’t know.

It is that love breeds love and joy breeds joy and light breeds light ~ those are the way. Those are what you aim for, those are what you fill your thoughts with, those are what you place gently, firmly into your heart, sprinkle out into the world around you ~ and it is the very same that you allow, accept, and receive into your own precious soul. However small or large, love is love is love.

Go and sing this song in your heart.

For you are love.­

~ Patricia Saxton


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