A Plethora of P’s / #24: Priorities

June 6, 2013 § Leave a comment

proactively punctuating life with the plausible, powerful possibilities of positive thought presented through a plethora of “P’s”.

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I’ve posted this before … wait, this is really crazy, I literally just noticed that I posted it on exactly the same day last time – June 6. WOW. Just wow. Whew! Okay, clearly I’m feeling the same as I did then, and the need to re-post this message. And maybe this time I’ll learn! I’ve also been hearing an awful lot of grumblings “out there” of a similar kind of discontent, a desire to pull in some reins. So maybe this will hit home with some of you. Here is P#24, once more:

So much to do. So many things to check off the list, people to see, plans to make, meetings to attend, bills to pay, rooms to clean, cars to fix; on and on and on it goes.

So, after we pause, and become present, and before we decide to persevere, it’s a great idea to welcome in the wonderfully practical notion of prioritizing. To take a moment of clarity and think: really, and truly, what’s worth our time. To consider what we “have to do” vs. what we “want to do” ~ and within those needs and wants, what will give us the most peace, the most value, the most satisfaction. Today, tomorrow, at the end of the road.

I’m talking both about the daily priorities ~ those that help us be productive and get us through the day without everything a.) colliding, or b.) wasting our time, or c.) back-firing ~ and “life” priorities. At the end of the day, what will give you a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction?

Sometimes, for both the daily and the bigger-picture-of-life viewpoints, less really is more. Quality beats quantity. The world is moving so fast … so fast. It doesn’t have to make us crazy in the process. Much more than we may acknowledge simply depends on our priorities.

What are you going to choose to give your attention to?


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