Prayers to Boston

April 15, 2013 § 4 Comments

I don’t think there are any among us here in the U.S. who feel untouched by the Boston Marathon bombing this afternoon… I find myself wishing I had the right words to uplift our spirits, to give us confidence in what is good, to comfort our hearts. Of course it is well to remember the amazing and beautiful display of human courage and caring we see when tragedy hits home. From hundreds, even thousands of miles away, we watch, and we feel pain at the same time we feel an immense pride and gratitude towards those who risk their lives, who dive into harm’s way to save lives, who care for wounded, investigate and analyze the details – whether by virtue of their job or their character, these acts of human care are a beaming light in the darkness.

But there is still the unfathomable, the anger, the outrage, the sorrow, the sickness of it all that can leave us overwhelmed with feelings that, in order to make any immediate sense, in order to do any good at all, lend themselves seemingly only to prayer. And that has to be enough.

In all honesty, I’m incensed; it’s pure madness, it’s another incomprehensible sadness, and it makes the fire in me flame high. But from a distance there’s no use for my fire, except to kindle more fire. So, as I know millions of us pray tonight, I pray with you, with all my heart, for the good people in Boston, and all the angels sent to help.

Love and prayers,


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