Random Inspiration

March 24, 2013 § 2 Comments

I was going to write about how busy I’ve been. How I can’t see past my nose, my plate is overflowing with this that and the other. How there isn’t enough time in the day. How when you’re not getting enough sleep things bother you more – like the fact that ice cream cartons are smaller and lines are longer or that kids rely on electronics too much. Frenzied cleaning binges are also a tell-tale sign of overload.

But then I realized that to some degree, almost everyone I know is feeling a sense of too many to-do’s ~ and how boring it would be to recite mine, however poetically expressed.

So I decided instead to share some cool art, something inspiring, a random artistic discovery. Italy-based street artist Kenny Random, to be precise.

Maybe it’s not new to you, but it was the first I’d seen his work and I fell a little head-over-heels. It feels fresh and charming and raw all at once. Brilliant, actually. Free-spirited and fun. It gives me a happy feeling. And this is something art should do – make us glad we’re here, give a respite from the madness. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.





All art  © Kenny Random.


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