January + Yellow + Dragons

January 7, 2013 § 2 Comments

I don’t know about you, but I’ve had a hard time finding my groove this month. And I’m really not sure what the connection is, but I’ve noticed a couple of recurring themes ~ so maybe that’s a start.


First there’s yellow. Not normally a color I’m especially drawn to (I like yellow, don’t get me wrong ~ in fact, I’m not sure I’ve ever met a color I didn’t like. Well, that’s not true, but that’s for another time), it’s been popping up and infusing itself into my work as if of its own volition … perhaps forcing cheer, optimism and luminosity into my sub-conscious mind. Or maybe it’s coming from my sub-conscious. Either way, I guess it’s not a bad thing.

So, there’s that. Yellow, welcome to my world.

At the same time, dragons are shrieking. You may (or may not) know that I’ve been working on my Book of Dragons for some time now. There’s just not been enough time in the day to get it done in the timeframe I’d hoped for, and no one has offered an all-expenses-paid art retreat in Tuscany or Fiji, or even North Dakota. As a result, many of them (the dragons) are still in my head instead of freed on paper, and they are restless, let me tell you. It was hard to get this one to calm down from a very fitful slumber long enough to capture the basics.

So the beasts are on the march, and yellow is pervasive. And that is that.

Although somehow it might tie in with having felt overwhelmed with all the various irons in the proverbial fire for so many months, and the so many months before that. And storms, and a holiday, then another, then another. You know how that goes. And then all that non-stopping made my back say “you’ve had enough, but you’re not relenting, so I’ll make you!” So there was that. And then January and the yellow and the dragons started happening. I dunno, maybe it all fits, somehow. And then again, maybe not.

But if one were to portend … maybe there’s a yellow dragon in my future… a happy, luminous beast. Until then, it’s back to work and finding my groove ~ but stay tuned!


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§ 2 Responses to January + Yellow + Dragons

  • Joni Nowak says:

    I luv the dragons! I luv yellow too… and lime green. They’re sunny bright colors and I’ve painted the walls of my Training Center with them in large, bold stripes. The ‘dragons’ though………. they are pure magic! Fascinating watching it develop… :0)


  • Rand MacIvor says:

    There is something about yellow. I’ve been drawn to it as well. There is a magical quality to the sunny color and certainly to your dragons, so maybe one is there urging on the other. Have a great year Patricia! It’s starting out with magic and that can’t be a bad thing!


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