We Want Your Mug!

November 29, 2012 § 2 Comments

So I had another crazy idea, and am hoping you can help. And I want it to be fun for you ~ to be a part of our mission to share peace!

As you probably already know, “52 Weeks of Peace” is about creatively inspiring individual peace in everyday ways, 52 weeks a year ~ each one of us doing whatever we can to give a sense of peace not only to others, but to ourselves; things that fill us with appreciation and hope, with more light and more strength. I’m not going for world peace just yet – just one person at a time. It’s doable. From there ~ who knows how far ripples can reach?

And I’d like some faces to go with the message. I’d like your faces. (Here’s our first…^!) I’d like to take and collect as many as possible and make a simple video. (It does sound fun, right?) Like I said, it’s just an idea. People are busy. Heck, I’M busy. We’ll see how far it gets, but I figure it’s worth a go.

All you need is a camera, a 52 Weeks of Peace product, and a smile!

Then, you just take “waist-up” shots of people holding (or wearing) something “52 Weeks of Peace” (the book, a favorite postcard from the book, a bag, button or mug…). People of all ages, shapes and sizes welcome. A solid background is preferred but not “absolute”. The only requirement is that it’s a clean, clear shot that shows off one or more people ~ and that it is freely given for public use (no names please) ~ and the picture should be happy.

There’s no prize, no “special offer” ~ this isn’t a big business deal, just one artist/writer looking to round up some friends and friends-of-friends who like the idea. That’s it. Grass-roots, “just because”. If you’d like to be part of this project, you can post a picture to the 52 Weeks of Peace facebook page, or send them to 52weeksofpeace@gmail.com. (You can also ask questions in a comment below.) I’d love for you to join in.

Peace starts right here, right now, with you, with me ~ let’s inspire, let’s do this!


ps: this doesn’t replace “where in the world is peace?” series, but adds to it and brings people more front and center.


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