Facebook Is Like a Chair. Okay.

October 5, 2012 § 9 Comments

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this facebook ad. First ever for them, so it’s making news.

Okay, my thoughts too, I guess it’s only fair.

1.) I think it’s well done. Artsy, hip, maybe a little too profound (music selection added unnecessary weight there).  2.) I’m not sure why they needed to make this ad.  3.) Oh, right, to get more advertisers. (how silly of me)  4.) Facebook does connect people, and when you think about it, it’s pretty incredible.  5.) I’d “like” to be sharing life in one of their scenes. The scenes were great, showing that there’s no substitute for human interaction.

Your turn…!


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§ 9 Responses to Facebook Is Like a Chair. Okay.

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  • Rand says:

    It’s free form prose and as such should be seen as a whole and not as its components. The script is exceptional and the photography simply beautiful. Oh, and what music? It blended well to my old ears. Did it stand out from the clutter? Enormously.

    In the end, as an avid facebooker I wanted to see myself in there, as a part of a larger experience. And I did.

    (This is W&K, right?)


    • saxtonstudio says:

      Yes it is Rand. And yes it is beautifully done. Seems we have consensus so far. Interesting. Far different from the thread I saw somewhere else where pretty much designers-only shared their thoughts… which were largely negative (no real surprise, unfortunately) and why I was curious to hear from a more diverse sampling (even if it’s only 3 so far, you’re all different).


  • Diane says:

    I didn’t like the floating chair, either…it seems out of place with the realness of the ad. At first I didn’t like the music, but then watched the ad again. The music starts out simple as do the scenes and then as the scenes get bigger and more global, the music gets bigger, too. Although FB keeps us connected, there is no substitute for the human touch and interaction.

    (On a personal note, I just visited the first bridge shown in the ad…it’s the Benson Bridge at Multnomah Falls in Oregon. Beautiful!)


    • saxtonstudio says:

      Thank you for your impressions! I only watched once, so my reaction was immediate. I guess I felt that the music, in all its beauty, overstated. But then again, I’m ultra sensitive to tones.

      And how fun that you just visited the bridge!. See just how connected we are… !


  • Joni Nowak says:

    Think it was well done also. I didn’t like the very opening scene (floating chair), looks kind of sci-fi. On a whole though, I thought is was beautiful in it’s simplicity yet boundless in a very real and global way, almost childish but veritable and sincere in it’s message. Luv the closing scene (slow motion hands uniting)… human interaction; you are right Pat, there will never be a comparable substitute for that. I liked it.


    • saxtonstudio says:

      Beautifully articulated, Joni. (except for luv not love, but that’s a Joni trademark, is it not? 🙂 ) Really appreciate hearing your view, and for the most part I agree! Well said.


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