Girl Scout Cookie Conundrum

October 3, 2012 § Leave a comment

Girl Scouts are many worthy things, but they should probably stick to being positive citizens of the universe and not mess with their cookie box design!

I should apologize, as it seems the Girl Scout organization is very pleased with their new design. But, you who know me, know that if I think something is good, I’ll be the first to applaud. If not, I’ll find some nice way to speak the truth, and look for the positive, but honesty prevails. (This is probably a good Girl Scout trait, this being true to your word business. It earns trust, I believe.)

In any event, to the point, which is: “Why change the box”?

Yes, I understand it’s a 100th anniversary of the Girl Scout organization, and as we all know, everyone (except me) loves Girl Scout cookies. So that’s a sensible enough reason to re-design the box ~ to celebrate the milestone.

Maybe the question then isn’t so much “why”, as “why this design”? It accomplishes its goal of honoring the girls themselves, but the cookies (the beloved cookies, and the main reason for the box) feel lost. The prior box, in my opinion, did a better job of honoring both girl and cookie. They could have infused something celebratory into the existing design, rather than re-invent. In my opinion. Which wasn’t asked for. So there you go, for what it’s worth.

What I really don’t “get” is why some companies feel a need to fix things that aren’t broken. That’s time and money spent for an overhaul that in the end, doesn’t necessarily justify the means. Some businesses really DO need brand makeovers, and I’m all for those upgrades. But if it’s just because you can, then it really ought to be fairly spectacular.

Bottom line, I wanted to care and applaud their venture, but I’m unmoved. The good news though, for all you Girl Scout cookie lovers, is that they haven’t changed the number of cookies per box.

old box

new box


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