Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October 4, 2011 § Leave a comment

All of us probably know someone ~ many of us know several ~ stricken with breast cancer. It’s high time we put a stop to it. I know it can be done (I truly believe that), and continue to hope those cures will quickly become front and center news on a healing stage.

My own small effort towards heightening awareness is part of my 52 Weeks of Peace series. Week #22 to be exact, which I will repost here, as it holds as true today as when created.


Week #22: “Debbie’s Peace”

This week’s peace sign was designed in particular tribute to a friend of mine whose positive, effervescent spirit shines everywhere she goes. It’s the rare individual who radiates her kind of light and blatant enthusiasm for life ~ the kind of person who unwittingly causes you to pause and embrace life right along with her. And because she recently came through a second cancer surgery – with flying colors and a good report  – she’ll be able to keep on shinin’.

For my friend, this piece is a celebration of life.

In her honor, “Debbie’s Peace” is dedicated to all the courageous survivors – as well as to the memory of those who have battled and lost. And hopefully this small offering will serve as another reminder for all of us to give our support and fervent hope towards finding a cure.

If you wish to participate in the fight there are several dedicated organizations to support. You might want to do your own research or ask a friend how you can best help. If you want to carry your support around for all to see, I’ve created a totebag, button, magnet and mug with Week #22’s art.

Blessings to all you strong, sensitive, and brave women out there.


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