9/11 Exhibit: An evening of community

September 23, 2011 § 4 Comments

Thanks to all the photographers at the opening reception of “Afterwards & Forwards: A Ten-year 9/11 Reflective Art Exhibit”, I’ve gathered a sampling to share. The event was indeed very special, with a lively, eclectic crowd ~ and a lot of heart.

Artists are a sensitive lot, who generally pour their more serious selves into their work…. so there’s a great sense of camaraderie when they find themselves in the same room; an invigorating coming together happens.

And over time, I’m getting to know some of them better. Charming Raul, effervescent Duda, gentle Midori. And of course, the incomparable Jose, interjecting his marvelous intellect right and left and showering magnanimous support upon others. And conversational, thoughtful Nick who has thoroughly convinced himself that my daughter is going to go to FIT. And the contagious energy of people-loving Robert…

They’re a vibrant, smart and fun mesh of talent and brains and backgrounds that’s absolutely refreshing. No pretense. Just an appreciation for art, and history, and humanity.

The NJCU 9/11 opening reception as a whole shared that essence of appreciation ~ as the artists, their work, the guests, the press, the professors, the town officials (heck, even the caterers) unconsciously formed an impromptu, cohesive community.

All were honoring a horrific event, yet paying tribute in the most uplifting, thoughtful manner. There was no somberness to the occasion; hope itself was present in the room.  And I’m truly proud to have shared those walls.

Although next time, it was decided … we would serve pumpkin pie.


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§ 4 Responses to 9/11 Exhibit: An evening of community

  • Dorothy Hagins says:

    a glorious review and a tribute to all of the artists except yourself and you deserve a round of applause for your kindness and creativity and your desire to make the world a better place. Bravo on 52 Weeks of Peace and the upcoming show!


  • Jose Rodeiro says:

    Peace artist-advocate Pat Saxton has written an insightful overview
    of NJCU’s highly successful 9/11 art show, capturing the essential
    vibrant spirit of that glorious night, which she has posted on her
    world-wide blog. IMPORTANT: her new book 52 Weeks of Peace
    (published by Lightbox Books, Inc.) has hit the shelves from coast-
    to-coast with a critique by the USA’s top graphic artist: Milton
    Glaser !!! Next year Saxton will have a Solo show at the Morris
    Museum !!!


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