No Lollygagging (& what matters most)

September 9, 2011 § 11 Comments

Someone mentioned the end of summer, and I thought to myself, “oh shoot, I missed it!”

Summer mostly fleeted on the winds of vector shapes and web designs, book promotions and business meetings. Reading was done in snippets, online Scrabble my “fun break” (did I really just admit that?). Some spontaneous Ping Pong rallies may have saved my sanity.

Then the car brakes needed replacing, the microwave died, a window pane fell out, and there were still dishes in the sink. Just the stuff of modern life, with the sidebar of self-employment and a crappy economy.

Things happen, heat up, break down, come together. I don’t know why it all has to happen at once, but the bottom line is there’s been no lollygagging around here ~ and I often wish there were a little more of that …

But then I remember the folks whose homes were flooded beyond repair; the folks who watched Texas burn. I think of Haiti and Japan and New Orleans. I think of 9/11, and later that day we’d stood in my front yard with candles; all the neighbors joined us, some we didn’t know so well, but right then we were all one. What mattered was life. Freedom. Love. Each other.

So in between deadlines – which I need to get back to (no lollygagging now!) – I count my blessings, and send them to each of you.


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