A Season of Pinks

February 4, 2011 § 7 Comments

It’s the month for pink, the color of love, which got me thinking about color.

Which also got me thinking ~ I wish someone would give me the job of naming the new colors that come out each year. You know, all the new lipsticks shades, crayons and interior paint chips. Really, who gets to do that?

Does the fashion-company-president’s daughter sit around a kitchen table with friends and a couple glasses of wine and decide what trendy words will be uttered when asking for the latest pink nail gloss? Or do they hire a design team to consult with psychologists to scientifically determine what will spark the consumer’s emotionally-driven buying fancy this year?

And who decides ~ excuse me, “forecasts” ~ which colors will be “in” for a coming season. Of course all those colors need new names too. Really, I’d be willing to do that. You could twist my arm, and pay me instead of an entire design team/psychologist duo. But, what if it’s the company president’s daughter and her friends… forgot about that possibility. Can’t argue that one, unless of course, they lack imagination.

Maybe I could ask around at Sherwin Williams, or ask someone like my friend Marty who worked in the cosmetics industry for umpteen years. But I’d rather wonder…

Who comes up with Mermaid’s Tail Green, or Ol’ Swimmin’ Hole Green, Old Pickup Blue, or Blizzard Blue, Kinky Pink, Ballet-Slipper Pink, Curious Yellow (although I kinda like that one… as well as Unmellow Yellow)? Then there’s Really Red Red (particularly clever), Violet Groove, or I’m Not Really a Waitress (yes, an apparently fab-u-lously shimmery nail polish).

Seriously, I could do this.

And from Paris we now have spring’s 2011 fashion color-combo trends: Archaic Garden, Underwater Variation, Tropical Dramaturgy (huh?), Enchanted Picnic, Shadowy Shores.

Be still my heart. What would I wear if not for these tips?

I shouldn’t be sarcastic I guess, it just seems so … presumptuous? pedantic? pedestrian? provincial? (just seeing if you’re still reading, and catching the P words…)  In all honesty, while “unnecessary”, some of the names are plain fun, and surely we could all use a bit more of that these days.

Plus, you see, we graphic designers get Pantone inks– Pantone 133, Pantone 345, Warm Gray 9. Glorious colors, but with useful, practical, “un-fun” names. (Which is for good reason, don’t get me wrong. Keeps things orderly.)

So, all in all, I think it’d be great if I got a chance to name a season of pinks. You probably would too. Just sayin’.


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