Shout Out to Chattanooga

December 10, 2010 § Leave a comment

I got up early today to do some online Christmas shopping before work, and noticed a special email message from Amazon. Turns out they’ve added some nifty features for Authors, and I have to say “kudos to Amazon” for adding these nice analytic tools.

Because of the new tools, I can see where and how many copies of my two books, “The Book of Mermaids” and “A Book of Fairies”, are sold each week. So I want to say Thank You to all of you who’ve bought my books from places like New York, Boston, Rhode Island, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Seattle, Portland, Chicago, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Indianapolis, New Orleans, North Carolina, Montana, LA, San Francisco, Nashville, Albuquerque, Omaha, Oklahoma CIty, Kansas City, Detroit, Phoenix, Hartford, Minneapolis, Milwaukee, Washington DC, Miami, Dallas, Houston and Denver.

And a special shout out to a lone somebody in Chattanooga, Tennessee, who bought “A Book of Fairies” last week. I don’t know who you are, but I thank you  ~ and I send you best wishes!

We’re not talking NYTimes Top 10 bestsellers here, but the numbers are good and I have to tell you it’s a thrill to see the reach, and to know that kids and parents all over the country are reading and sharing things I created. Things that originated in one heart and mind … made its way to pencil, ink and paper, and to a publisher who found it worthy to print, and into the hands of people near and far. Every purchase is an honor.

Thanks everyone!


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