The Artful Joy of Appreciation

October 19, 2010 § 4 Comments


Appreciation is always a lovely thing. But how can one not be thrilled by one that’s hand-drawn?!

I was raised by a writer and learned early on to write out my thank-you’s. Friends may even think of me as a bit of thank-you note nut. Just the same, there’s an art to it, and over my lifetime I’ve seen the dwindling of that art. First there was the phone call, then the email note. Add to that the inundated-with-to-do’s, fast pace of people’s lives that doesn’t allow much room for proper thank you’s ~  especially challenging for people who don’t have a natural affinity for writing ~ and the way of thank you note gets lost.

But of course it’s important to realize that appreciation takes many forms. Not everyone draws a picture, or writes a beautiful note. Sometimes they say just the right words, or do something marvelously selfless and generous. People are good at heart; they show it in different ways.

Still … there’s nothing quite like a real thank-you! So I’d like to show a little appreciation for a very special one, by sharing it with you. It’s a card I received from a young girl I’ve never met, who’d received my books and toy as a gift. Hopefully the exuberant art will brighten your day, as it did mine!

(I especially enjoyed the serious, unassuming cover opening to a delightful surprise inside.)



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