Honoring Mother, Celebrating Life

May 8, 2010 § 2 Comments

Carolyn Naught Saxton, circa 1940's

On this day reserved for mothers. I thought I’d share some words from my own mother.

My mother was, of course, “my world” when I was little, and a role model as I grew. She did all the things you’d expect a Mom might do, like fix meals, teach manners, dry tears, cheer you up and on. She was always there for her family, She was involved in her community. She loved to laugh. She loved to give. She loved life and tried to worry only on Tuesdays. (or was it Wednesdays?)

Like many mothers, she was an unsung hero.

But she was also a poet. Her works first appeared in anthologies as early as her teens. Later, perhaps her greatest work, was the collection of sonnets published in her book titled The Pine and The Power.

My mother left the world much too soon ~ nearly 30 years ago ~ but she left gifts behind. Treasured, timeless words; gifts from the heart, mind and spirit.

It was hard to choose just one selection ~ but I share this in honor and life-giving celebration of mothers near and far, here or remembered.

Happy Mother’s Day!


God help our children to transcend the dark

And walk the earth with dignity and cheer;

God help them seek the mountains, persevere

The road that twists through thorn and tanglebark,

Ascending finally where eagles mark

Their point of vision. Help our children find

Two masters ~ one the spirit, one the mind ~

And rediscover constancy of heart.

Help us to find cathedrals in the skies,

A will to walk the long uncharted mile;

(The will to find in winter’s legacy

The ochre sands from which the lime trees rise!)

Help us to know the measure of the child ~

To live in time and in eternity.

© Carolyn Naught Saxton




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